Heart Painting/心靈繪圖


心靈繪圖 / Heart Painting


Release, explore, and inspire your infinite creativity and imagination!


Heart painting allow people to naturally release emotional stress and explore one’s inner self in the process of painting. Layers of layers hidden, unspoken emotion exposed under the sun for cleaning. They will be resolved or released via a series of self-dialogues. It’s an easy way to dialogue with one’s inner self without reservation.

Heart painting allows one to express himself naturally and directly. With guided meditation, one can release hidden emotion and sensation via a painting’s color,  texture and value. Intuitively express oneself with no mind’s control, the heart painting helps subconscious mind to come out of surface. Creativity and imagination can then be expressed freely.

Painting itself is a process of creation. It is a very basic and easy exercise to foster one’s imagination and creativity activation. We use our intuition to paint, not our logical brain to paint. This process will help us to trust our intuition, discover our hidden power of the heart. We will then connect with our unique inner self to help the transformation and revolution of our conscious mind so we can create our own reality.

There is no need for a professional painting skill, nor years of experience and preparation to enjoy heart painting. Anyone can create a heart painting with any skill levels from no experience to advanced artistry because it drives from heart, not brain. Anyone will discover their true self in heart painting.

Let’s explore our inner self and create our own realities with a playful mind!

心靈繪圖能讓一個人在繪畫中自然地釋放積壓的情緒深層探索內在的心靈。彷彿抽絲剝繭般地將一層又一層被隱藏或說不 出來的情緒拿到陽光下曝曬,並在一系列的自我對話中將之化解或釋放。是一種能讓人毫無隱藏地作心靈對話的一種方式。



不需要專業的繪畫技巧,也不用經 年累月的蘊釀與經驗。任何繪畫程度,包括沒有繪畫基礎 的、害怕拿畫筆的人,都可以在心靈繪畫中認識自己並找 到自己。