Private Session/個人課程

The private session is a individually tailored course for those who need personal attention and one-on-one consideration.

個人課程針對需要個別及一對一諮詢者, 特別量身定做的一套個人專屬課程.

I. Private Heart Painting Class
It’s a tailor-made personalized course. With guided meditation and intuitive painting, a person can release the emotion hold-on for a long time. The private session will also help a person to realize where the energy is blocked. With a personalized session, a person can return to his/her real world with an improved well-being.

個人心靈繪圖課程: 初步咨詢後, 依照個人的特殊狀況, 老師會設計學員所需獨特的心靈繪圖進程. 以靜態的繪畫為管道, 心靈感應的咨詢直入問題中心, 讓學員在引導式冥想及直覺性繪圖下, 將受阻塞的能量曝露出來, 讓被壓抑在心底深處的負面情緒一層層地得到舒解, 進而提升其生活的幸福指數.

$66/1 hour session
$111/2 hour session

$66/1 小時
$111/2 小時

II. Cosmic Energetic Hypnosis Session
In a complete relaxed trance state, entering a hypnotized state to receive healing and affirmation from the cosmetic energies- love and light. Each session is about 1 hour.

Bonus: 7 Charkras Balancing before the session.

宇宙光能催眠: 在完全放鬆的狀態下,接收來自宇宙光與愛的能量,達到療癒的效果. 每次催眠時段約一小時.

免費課程: 七輪平衡療癒 (催眠前)

$66/1 hour session
$100/1.5 hour session

$100/1.5 小時

III. 7 Charkras Healing Session
After entering to a coherence breathing state, all seven charkras will be adjusted by Reiki energy and erergy tools to the optimal states. This healing session will last for about 45 minutes to one hour.

個人七輪療癒課程: 在進入心的凝聚狀態後, 身體的七輪從頂輪, 第三眼, 喉輪, 心輪, 臍輪, 丹田到海底輪都將被靈氣能量調整到最佳狀態. 每一次大約為45分鐘到一小時左右.

$55/1 hour session (2 sessions per week is recommended)

$55/1 小時 (最好每週兩次)


Teacher: Judy Chang

輔導老師: Judy Chang

To make an appointment, please call
Phone: (626)429-5850
Service Time: Tue-Sat 10:00am -2:00pm

預約電話: (626)429-5850
服務時間: 週二 – 週六 早上10:00 – 下午2:00