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Judy Chang  Teacher: Judy Chang

Originally came from Taiwan, Judy has been living in the US for more than 20 years. She started her spiritual journey from “Body, Mind, and Spirituality” philosophy since the year 2000. After digging into organic dieting and holistic health, she actually practiced it and being a vegetarian for many years. With a heart of eager to learn, she has studied tarot card reading, i-jing reading, purple-stars and eight-word Chinese astrology, Japanese OPT hand healing, Bach Flower Essence, BioGenesis healing and Seth Material, etc. She enjoys communicating with world with sensing energy and receiving the subtle messages. With almost three dozen teachers, she also learned from Catholic, Christian, Tibetan Buddhism, and Hinduism.

Drunvalo’s books have strongly touched Judy’s heart when she first read his books in 2011. The magical trip of Drunvalo’s caught her attention for all night long. Her whole body was shaken by the energy emitted from the book. In May 2012, she finally went to Sedona for the Awakening the Illuminated Heart workshop taught by Drunvalo, she not just entered the Sacred Space of the Heart but her MerKaba activated automatically. Ever since, her life has many major breakthroughs. Her consciousness was greatly expanded with helps from many great teachers. A year later, she decided to attend the teacher’s training so the Chinese in America can learn Drunvalo’s methods in their native language.

從台灣來美國定居已有二十多年的 Judy, 在2000年開始接觸身心靈, 隨即踏上一條靈修的精進之路。深入琉璃光的有機飲食及身心靈整體健康後, 決意身體力行並茹素多年。抱持一顆求知心, 修習塔羅、易經、紫微八字、日本OPT徒手療法、Bach花精、BioGenesis 生命光源療癒法及賽斯心法等等, 用能量感應與精微訊息的接收, 與宇宙架起溝通的橋樑。也在天主教、基督教、藏傳佛教與印度教廟堂內學習, 前後受教於數十位老師。

在2011年接觸到德隆瓦洛.默基瑟德的書籍後,被德隆瓦洛親身經歷的神奇之旅所吸引,通宵不眠地把全書看完,不但大呼過癮,也被作者從書中傳出來的強大能量震攝。2012年到瑟多娜參加期待已久的”喚醒明亮之心”工作坊,經過德隆瓦洛的指導,不但進入心的神聖空間,梅爾卡巴也自動開啟。此後, 生命中出現了許多的重大的突破,不斷地遇到殊聖的老師與貴人,靈性生命也不斷精進,  經過一年的潛修,決定參加教師培訓,讓在美的華人也能用中文學習到德隆瓦洛的心法。

Personal Bio

  • Certified Teacher of “Awakening The Illuminated Heart” Workshop
  • Teacher of Heart Painting (Intuitive Painting)
  • Healing consultant in BioGenesis therapy
  • Consultant in Art Healing, I-Ching, Tarot reading
  • Real-time interpreter for ATIH & Blue School Imagery workshop (April 2014)
  • English-Chinese translation (Breathing Techniques, Nythya YouTube videos, etc.)
  • Instructional Designer for multiple US corporations
  • MBA, California State University, Los Angeles
  • Practicing “Living in the Heart”


  • 喚醒明亮之心工作坊認證教師
  • 心靈繪圖老師 (美國新時代基金會、寶瓶中心)
  • BioGenesis 生命光源療癒師
  • 心靈繪圖、易經、塔羅諮商師
  • 喚醒明亮之心工作坊及藍色學院視覺心像工作坊同傳口譯 (2014年4月)
  • 身心靈資訊翻譯(中英翻譯), 包括深層呼吸教材翻譯、尼斯亞網路影音翻譯等等
  • 美國企業教育訓練課程設計師
  • 加州州立大學MBA企管碩士
  • 心生活禪者 

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