Course Topics/課程系列

There are four courses in each series of the Heart Painting. Each series will explore three related topics. Each course will explore one topic. The last course will review and get insight from all paintings. We will show you the basics on painting step-by-step. You can select the series you would like to explore but would strongly recommended to take all courses in one series.

心靈繪畫以四堂課為一系列, 每一系列將帶領大家探討三個主題, 每一堂課會有一個主題, 最後一堂課會全面省察並回顧這一系列的畫作, 並逐步地學習繪畫的基本技巧。可以自由選擇想要探討的系列課程, 但是, 強烈建議大家參加一個系列中的所有課程。

We are currently offering multiple series of courses in Heart Painting:


>> Knowing Yourself/認識自己

Who am I?


In the series of Knowing Yourself, three topics are going to be explored: Love, Window of the Soul, and Who am I? Each topic will allow you to go deeper in yourself at various levels. Knowing yourself is the first step of being yourself. When you truly know yourself, you can feel free to be your true self.

認識自己這個系列中, 將在愛、靈魂之窗、我是誰? 三個主題中,  讓你在不同層面中認識自己, 認識自己是”作自己”的第一步。當你認識自己了以後, 就能自在地作回真正的自己。


>> Relationship/關係


You and Me

We learn how to love from the relationship with others, finding ourselves from the relationship. In the series of Relationship, three topics are going to be explored:  Between Us (Parenting/Intimate Relationship), My Family, My World.

我們在關係中學習愛的功課, 在關係中找到自己。關係系列將探討三個主題: 你我之間(親子關係/親密關係)、我的家、我的世界。


>> Inner Child/內在小孩

Inner Child

My Child!

Everyone has a child within their hearts. Hidden fears impact our life due to unresolved hurts from growing up.  This series will discover your inner child in Childhood (age 0 to 12), teenager (age 13 to 18), early adulthood (age 19 to 24), mid adulthood (age 25 to 36).

每個人心中都住著一個小孩。成長中未被解決的傷害引發恐懼而影響到目前的生活。這一系列將深入內在小孩的童年時期(0歲 – 12歲)、青少年時期(13歲 – 18歲)、成人早期(19歲 – 24歲)、成人中期(25歲 – 36歲)。